Overall Assessment of the Speakers's Experience of Stuttering (OASES)
Clinical, Research, and Educational Licenses


The Overall Assessment of the Speaker's Experience of Stuttering (OASES) protocol was developed to document the impact of stuttering on a person's life. It has been validated for use in various clinical and research settings for many languages. In addition to the standard paper-and-pencil Response Forms and translations offered on this website, we can also offer customized licenses for clinicians and researchers who wish to adapt the form for unique applications. For example:

  • Clinicians who wish to use the OASES assessment in their own secure online data collection system may purchase a clinical license to add the OASES to their existing delivery system. Note that most clinicians use the standard printed OASES materials and do not need a clinical license.
  • Scientists who wish to use the OASES assessment in research may purchase a research license. In addition to allowing researchers to place the OASES Response Forms online using a secure, human-participants-approved system such as Qualtrics, the research license also allows users to make approved adaptations or modifications to the OASES protocols for special populations.
  • One adaptation of the OASES Response Forms that is already available is the OASES for Speaking Ability (OASES-SA). This adaptation examines the impact of speaking ability on the lives of people who do not stutter.
  • University educators and departments wishing to use the OASES for educational purposes, such as distributing it in a graduate class or providing access through an online learning system, can purchase an educational license.

For more information about OASES clinical and research licenses, please email info@StutteringTherapyResources. Once you have executed a custom license with Stuttering Therapy Resources, you may purchase authorized uses below.

For additional information about the OASES assessment, click here. 

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