Review Policy

Review / Desk Copy Policy

We want university faculty to have the opportunity to see if our books will be helpful textbooks for their students. So, our review policy is straightforward: simply email us at, indicating that you’d like to consider our books for your class. Please include your university address, which titles you’d like to review, and basic course information. 

We will send review copies for your consideration for up to 45 days, along with an invoice showing the standard cost of the book(s). If you decide to adopt the materials as required texts (not just recommended), let us know, and we will cancel the invoice, making the review copies yours to keep. You can place textbook orders through your university bookstore or direct students to our website ( 

In addition, we are pleased to offer a 10% discount to students in classes that use BOTH Early Childhood Stuttering Therapy and School-Age Stuttering Therapy. When you adopt both texts, we will send you instructions and a custom discount code for this Graduate Student Bundle.

Of course, we hope you find the review materials valuable. If you decide not to adopt them for a class, however, you can either return them to us (you pay the postage) or pay the original invoice and keep them. We simply ask that you make a decision within 45 days. We’ll follow up with you to see what you think along the way.

Discount for University Clinic Libraries

We know that many clinicians are not comfortable with stuttering, and one of our goals is to change this for the next generation of SLPs. That’s why we’re reaching out to faculty and clinic libraries. If we can help students develop confidence in their ability to help people who stutter, they will be able to provide more effective treatment once they graduate. Connecting students with practical materials that explain stuttering in a meaningful, accessible way is an important step in that process. So, we offer a 10% discount on all purchases that go directly into your university clinic library or student workroom. Please email us at for more information.