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Early Childhood Stuttering Therapy is an amazing read and extremely practical. I don’t remember enjoying a manual like this in. . . EVER! It is informative and easy to understand—and the visuals and handouts are so useful.

Morgan G.SLP and Facebook Fan

Thank you for the OASES assessment. Using it this week with two 4th and 5th grade students was so enlightening. I wish there were assessments like this for ALL the communication disorders!

Peggy B.School SLP

Just ordered ANOTHER copy of School-Age Stuttering Therapy: A Practical Guide—I keep lending mine out and not getting it back! Thanks for a great resource!

Louise V.Generous SLP

As an SLP and person who stutters, I definitely love Stuttering Therapy Resources and all it offers the field of speech-language pathology—books, blog, and social media.

Melissa J.SLP and Person Who Stutters

Just wanted to write a quick note to say a HUGE thank you to Scott and Nina for the well-crafted, practical videos for parents in this time when communication is more crucial than ever. The videos say exactly the message I wish to deliver to "my parents."

Jennifer C.Clinic SLP

I had the most powerful and moving IEP of my career yesterday, and it was all in thanks to you! You have helped me see stuttering in a whole new light, and it has already made an impact on others.... so... THANK YOU!

Adi O.School SLP

Practical Thoughts Blog

Virtual Reality for Speech Therapy? SOON!

Virtual Reality for Speech Therapy? SOON!

Virtual reality for stuttering therapy? Our guest blogger, Gareth Wilkom is working on it! He tells his "whys" and shares his excitement for the potential of using VR to help those who stutter learn to handle speaking situations outside of therapy and into the real world!

Read more

The ICF Model and how it relates to stuttering

The ICF Model and how it relates to stuttering

Here is another blog you have been asking for! What is the International Classification of Functioning (ICF) model from the World Health Organization? We recently posted information on our Facebook and Instagram feeds and you asked for us to create a shareable space for it. So, here we go...

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