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Continuing Education Opportunities - - Updated: 7/6/2022


From MedBridge Education
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Early Childhood Stuttering Therapy (3-part course)

Evaluating Stuttering in Young Children

Treating Stuttering in Young Children: Working with Families

Speech Therapy to Treat Stuttering in the Young Child

School-Age Stuttering Therapy (3-part course)

Evaluating Stuttering in School-Age Children

Addressing the Reactions of the Child and the Environment

Counseling Skills for SLPs (3-part course)

Understanding Counseling and the Process of Change

Skills for Helping Clients Succeed in Therapy

Minimizing Bullying for Children Who Stutter (2-part course)

 Working with the Child Who Stutters 

 Working with the Environment

Developing skills for measuring stuttering (2-part course)

 Issues in the Measurement of Stuttering

 Measuring the Entire Stuttering Disorder

Nina’s and Scott’s appearances on the SLPNerdcast podcast

School-age stuttering: I’m so confused about the strategies!

School-age Stuttering: What SLPs need to know before they start

Stuttering Therapy: I don’t know what to tell parents and teachers!

What’s New in Stuttering Therapy?


 Navigating Bullying in Stuttering Therapy 

 School Age Stuttering Therapy: Activities for Success


20 Questions: Early Childhood Stuttering - Less-Direct and More-Direct Treatment (Yaruss & Reeves)

 School-Age Stuttering Therapy: Essentials for SLPs

Measuring Quality of Life in People who Stutter

From Northern Speech Services

Stuttering: Current Concepts and Guidance for Intervention 

 Stuttering: Treating the Entire Disorder

School-Age Stuttering: Practical Therapy Activities

Other Learning Opportunities
These may or may not offer CEs but provide great information!


A podcast with more than 700 episodes of educational programs and honest discussions about stuttering. Listen to them all!

Here are a few StutterTalk episodes with the STR team:

 Can Articulation and Phonology Treatment Lead to Stuttering (Yaruss; Ep. 613)

Stuttering and Acceptance (Yaruss; Ep. 369)

Quality of Life and the OASES (Yaruss & Quesal, Ep. 210)

Research Findings on the Benefits of Self-Help (Yaruss; Stuttering101, Ep. 17)

Risk Factors and Recovery for Preschoolers (Yaruss, 1/31/2009)

International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health and Documenting Treatment Outcomes (Yaruss, 1/31/2009)

 Dr. Lee Reeves, Mutual Aid Pioneer from the National Stuttering Association (L Reeves, Ep. 96)

 Stuttering Modification, Fluency Shaping and an Integrated Approach to Stuttering Therapy (N Reeves, 12/20/2008)

 When Therapy Falls Short for Children who Stutter (N. Reeves, Ep. 451)

Transcending Stuttering podcast from Schneider Speech

J Scott Yaruss #1,

J Scott Yaruss #2

Lee Reeves

Nina Reeves Masterclass – School-Age Stuttering: IEPs done right 

From other sources

Scott's appearance on the "Stutter with Confidence" podcast with Mike Wilson

Lee's appearance on Tim Mackesey's podcast

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