OASES Bulgarian / български (Print-Your-Own)

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(Това описание на сайта скоро ще бъде предложено на български език.)

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To avoid international shipping costs, OASES Bulgarian materials are provided in a print-your-own format. Within three (3) business days, purchasers will be emailed a license, the protected file(s), and instructions for downloading free Safeguard™ viewing and printing software. 

The Overall Assessment of the Speaker's Experience of Stuttering (OASES) is a quick, easy-to-use, comprehensive tool for measuring the impact of stuttering on a person's life. OASES Impact Scores and Impact Ratings can help you qualify individuals for research or therapy, make treatment decisions, justify third-party payment, and evaluate treatment efficacy.

OASES Bulgarian Response Forms include age-appropriate items that examine four key aspects of the experience of stuttering:

  1. General information about a speaker's perceptions of stuttering
  2. Affective, behavioral, and cognitive reactions to stuttering
  3. Functional communication difficulties in key situations
  4. Impact of stuttering on the speaker's quality of life

OASES Bulgarian Response Forms are available for 1 age group (so far):

  • OASES-A (Adult, 100 items) for adults ages 18 and above

All OASES users will benefit from an OASES Technical/Scoring Manual for administration, scoring, and interpretation. The manual provides psychometric data and interpretive summaries that can be used in evaluation reports and progress notes. 

OASES Bulgarian Response Forms (Print-Your-Own) provide 25 authorized prints with unlimited viewing. The OASES Technical/Scoring Manual (Print-Your-Own), currently available in English only, provides unlimited viewing and 1 authorized print. Photocopying or other reproduction is prohibited. 

For more information about the OASES assessment, click here. 

We are grateful to our translation partners for their excellent work:

Добринка Георгиева (Dobrinka Georgieva), PhD
Миглена Симонска (Miglena Simonska), PhD
Станислав Грозданов (Stanislav Grozdanov)
Росица Стоилова (Rositsa Stoilova)

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