OASES Clinical, Research, and Educational Licenses

Stuttering Therapy Resources Overall Assessment of the Speaker's Experience of Stuttering OASES Research License Composite Image

The Overall Assessment of the Speaker's Experience of Stuttering (OASES) protocol was developed to document the impact of stuttering on a person's life. It has been validated for use in various clinical and research settings for many languages. In addition to the standard paper-and-pencil Response Forms and translations offered on this website, we can also offer customized licenses for clinicians and researchers who wish to adapt the form for unique applications and who have the secure infrastructure to do so.

OASES Licenses allow users to enter OASES Response Forms into their own online data collection system (such as a HIPAA-compliant electronic medical record or Qualtrics) for clinical, educational, or research purposes. 

The following types of license agreements are available:

  • Clinical Licenses allow users to enter OASES Response Forms into their own third-party practice management systems. The clinical license does NOT provide an online or automatic scoring system. Note that most clinicians use the standard printed OASES materials and do not need a clinical license.
  • Educational Licenses allow University programs to enter selected OASES materials into their secure online learning environments. For example, educational programs may wish to make the OASES available for graduate students to view and study in courses about stuttering. 
  • Research Licenses allow users to enter OASES Response Forms into online survey systems for use in research. This includes a NEW shortened version of the OASES-A (for research only).
  • OASES-Speaking Ability (OASES-SA) is an adaptation of the English OASES Response Forms for use with speakers who do not stutter. The OASES-SA is intended for use in research to collect data from a comparison population. Items on the OASES-SA Response Forms match those on the standard OASES Response Forms, except that these items refer to "speaking ability” and "difficulty speaking,” rather than "stuttering.”

For more information, send an email to licenses@StutteringTherapyResources.com describing your application. We will work with you to design a custom license agreement. Once the license agreement is fully signed and executed, we will help you place an order.

Note that the cost for the license is the same as for the regular use of the OASES: $56 per 25 administrations of the test, and you will need a manual, as well ($66).

License agreements can be arranged for any of the languages in which OASES materials are available.