School-Age Stuttering: Information & Support for Parents

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By Nina Reeves and J. Scott Yaruss

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This 56-page booklet helps to reduce the fears and concerns often expressed by family members of school-age children and teens who stutter. Written specifically for parents and other caregivers, this expert resource helps to calm parents' fears while giving them the knowledge they need to provide optimal support for their children/teens ages 6 to 18.

Help parents follow a simple 5-step plan:

  • Don't panic: When parents realize that their child may continue to stutter, it can be a frightening experience. The first step is to put parents' minds at ease by describing the many types of assistance that are available.
  • Get updated information: The second section provides background knowledge to help parents make informed decisions to help their child.
  • Get expert help and support: Section three discusses the many resources available for parents, so they will know where to turn for support.
  • Take action: Parents can make a difference. In section four, we describe ways that parents can help their child right away. We also explain how to respond to difficult situations parents often face.
  • Don't give up: Trust yourself and your child. The final section contains first-hand reflections of parents, showing that parents of children who stutter are not alone in their feelings about their child's speech.

Share this booklet with the parents of school-age children and teens who stutter to help them know that there is hope for their child—and for themselves!

56 pages, 5½" x 8½" booklet
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