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Sharing with Students Who Stutter and their Families

Sharing with Students Who Stutter and their Families

Recently, we posted some ideas for preparing for National Stuttering Awareness Week on our Stuttering Therapy Resources Facebook and Instagram pages. We focused on suggestions for communicating with students who stutter and their families in the E-Learning world.

Our followers asked if I would share some of the links I used with my own students. So, here are several examples:

Platform I am using: Padlet:

For Students (as they are ready):

My General Weekly Themes (for the student community Padlet)

  • Stutter Quotes: Find inspirational quotes about stuttering and post on Padlet
  • Goal Week: List the communication goal(s) you are currently working on 
  • Stigma Stoppers: What do people who don't stutter need to understand about stuttering? 
  • I'm Curious: What question do you have for others in our stutter community? 
  • Stutter Swag Space: Take a photo of your best "stutter swag" 
  • Photo of your Stutter Space: Take and post a photo of your space for our sessions and where you do your homework 
  • GUMBY TIME! Finish this sentence... "Right now, I am trying to S-t-r-e-t-c-h my communication comfort zones by..."

For Parents

AND all of our Stuttering Therapy Resource Practical Tips Videos on our Website and YouTube Channel